21 days Energypulls – What emotional points of views are you avoiding and defending?

9. Juni 2022 um 19:00 – 29. Juni 2022 um 19:30
Sarah Marx
+49 176 63715279

Where are you not ready to look at? What do you avoid perceiving, knowing, being and receiving that keeps you stuck? What emotions are you defending? How much of the difficulties and conflictsthat originate in from unrecognized and unresolved emotions? That don’t even belong to you?
What would be possible if you stopped defending and avoiding your emotions?

Energy pulls are a daily energy practice of clearing the energies that are no longer contributing to you and pulling into your life everything that is desirable. The nice thing is that it’s effortless and easy to do and leaves you feeling light and serene afterwards.

21 days 06/08 – 06.28.22 – each 7pm – 7:30pm (individual days may variate)
Global Time

Language: English
If you require translation, please contact us!


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